We have highly skilled personnel, who’s combined experience are set to distinguish themselves by carving a niche of excellence through our brilliant performance.

We are a reliable branding, import and export trade company, who export a wide range of Nigerian product, which covers the categories of food, spices, herbs, beverages, alcoholic/ non-alcoholic drinks and sea foods like melon seed(egusi), ogbono, garri, palm oil, bitter leaf, amala (yam powder), bitter kola, yam grey fish, chilli pepper, smoked fish, dried vegetable, bitter kola, etc. We also export brands like nestle, Cadbury, Nigeria breweries, Promasidor, Sab miller, etc. at the right quantity, right quality and at the right time to ensure that our client’s demands are met and satisfied.

We can deliver to you anywhere in the world at a very affordable price.


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We offer co-operate branding, souvenirs, personalization thereby giving our client that classic and colorful touch they deserve, and presenting them to the general public as value.

Also, we offer messenger and logistics services; we ensure that our clients are well managed and satisfied. We have professional vendors that works with us in order to actualize our target.

TMI Limited promises to give her best at all-time thereby creating a positive, creative and lasting experience.



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